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Achari Flavour Condom

03-08-2017  · Weeeeelll, you know how ancient Greeks once said, “all condom companies follow the same marketing strategy.” This time it’s Manforce India. They have just announced “the very Indian, tangy and tantalizing Acchari” range of flavored condoms in a Facebook post and it’s going viral. (surprise, surprise) And I sincerely quote Salman Bhai

05-08-2017  · Manforce ने बनाया Achaari Flavour Condom, सोशल मीडिया पर ऐसे उड़ा मज़ाक manforce achari condom, manforce achaari condom, manforce.

In an attempt of attracting more consumers, Manforce introduced Achari flavoured Condoms into the market. What Achari flavour? Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavours which also have been launched by the film had a good circulation in the market and here comes the tangy and spicy Achari flavoured condoms.

31-08-2017  · Condom has read and heard about many flavors. Condom makers produce condoms in many flavors. Several types of condoms are present in the market today from strawberries to coffee. But have you ever heard of the Achari(Pickel) flavors in condom? Yes, the condom manufacturer, Manforce India, is going

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04-08-2017  · The news of Achari condoms by Manforce is definitely beating the bizarre eggplant flavoured condom launched by competitors, Durex in 2016. – Achaari Flavoured Condoms by Manforce Adds to List of.

22-01-2018  · With Achari Condoms, And Now Adrak Flavoured Ones, Is Desi Flavours The New Condom Trend? Ira Shukla . 23 shares | 1318 views . As a kid, I learnt that necessity is the mother of all inventions.

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